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How Successful People Took Rejection And Its Power To Potentiate Endless Possibilities

Lianne Guzon

16th October 2023 | 5 Views

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As human beings we are all entitled to feel the fear of rejection. And a lot of us may have taken a blow of this raging fireball at some point in our lives. It surely is undeniably painful.

After investing too much of your time and you wound up in this rough situation, self doubts begin to arise and you end up fighting a vicious battle with yourself. This is a normal human response and it is totally fine. What is not normal is when feelings worsen over time and you develop low self esteem it starts to affect your daily life. This, if not managed will have detrimental effects to your mental health. 

It is from my professional point of view that after taking a whimsical blow of rejection, allow yourself to grieve and do yourself a favour: take a moment to rest and take as much as time you need. It is the first thing your body will ever need. Let your body absorb the feelings and by means of rest, it will slowly begin to sense recovery. This will then allow your mind to process these feelings and eventually eliminate them. It is our human nature to adapt to challenging and stressful situations in certain stages. As a person would deal with grief, your aim is to find acceptance as the last healing stage. It is also beneficial to seek emotional support from people you trust, or from a professional if need be.

While it cannot be helped that not everybody will believe in your potential, only you in every inch of your being will know your what you are capable of. And only you will have the power to let people recognize it. Let this be your drive. This is a world of limitless possibilities for those who are ambitious. 

From a number of resources I have listed some of the world’s greatest individuals who have been rejected and ridiculed countless of times before they made their name to history and fame. Even some were not fortunate to live long enough to receive recognition from their lifetime’s worth of hard work. But the honour was not denied to them whose contributions were so valuable that their names shall never be forgotten by this constantly evolving world. 

Here are some of the most inspiring and renowned individuals who have been rejected so many times before making it big.

For those who do not already know, Steven Spielberg had poor grades in high school which is why he was denied admission to the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. But that did not stop him from becoming one of the most reputable names to the American film industry and Hollywood. Once a young boy who was unceasingly ambitious and full of enthusiasm, his persistence makes him the wealthiest and most successful director of all time.

The ever phenomenal animator Walt Disney, creator of Mickey Mouse and Disneyland was fired as a cartoonist because of perceived lack of imagination and creativity. His persistence did not cease even when he had nothing left but $40 in his pocket and a few drawing materials. He later emerged as the pioneer of motion picture. Mickey Mouse was the world’s first fully synchronized sound cartoon in 1928.

Colonel Sanders was fired multiple times from his odd jobs and travelled relentlessly with his wife across the U.S.A. in a car packed with two pressure cookers, flour, and a blend of spices to sell his fried chicken. It took an incredibly amount of time before he became the fast food icon that we all know. He was 40 when he became a professional chef. At the age of 62 KFC began franchising and that was long after his business failed that he had to close his restaurant. He was 75 when he sold his rights but that took a lot of persuasion. The love and dedication he has put into his work must have meant a lot more than the money it was worth. And we are talking about multi-billion dollars here. 

Nobody read Gregor Mendel’s work until 16 years later after he died. He conducted numerous experiments in his lifetime but most of his work were often misunderstood and deemed problematic. Little did he know that his pea experiment would make him the Father of Genetics that he is now. His discovery of the Fundamental Laws of Genetic Inheritance make a huge contribution to the world of Science and Medicine up to this day. 

The increasing mortality rates in a hospital where he worked led Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis’s to believe that proper hand washing may have helped prevent the spread of infection. He repeatedly argued that this was somehow linked to the apparent deaths at the time. His theory was often ridiculed and constantly rejected that it took a toll on his mental health. 20 years after he tragically died in a Mental Asylum, Louis Pasteur discovered the Germ Theory. Hand washing later became the universal precaution for disease prevention. 

Johannes Kepler, the astronomer who discovered the Laws of Planetary Motion in the 15th century was a sickly child and grew up in poverty. But what made this scholar exceptional is that he had a mind so profound and brilliant that even modern scientists could not fathom how he perfectly associated multiple inaccurate data to support a theory that almost exceeds precision. 

And this is the story that still blows me away each time. Sylvester Stallone was a desperate young actor who had no success in acting. He was a devastated penniless man before he made it to stardom. Depressed and frustrated he ended up living in the streets where he felt like nothing else in his miserable life could go right. He could barely afford anything and did not want his beloved dog to starve so he sold it to a random stranger in a liquor store for $25. After seeing Muhammad Ali’s boxing fight with Chuck Wepner, heartbroken Stallone used the last ounce of courage he had left, pulled the shattered pieces of himself together and began writing a script. After 20 hours a story that depicted much of his life was written yet it was the beginning of another ordeal. He failed multiple times in an attempt to sell the script and wanting to play the role himself. Nobody saw his potential as an actor. He was just convincingly not fit for the role. Although the story was so appealing it was already worth $350,000 Sylvester remains determined to play the role or he would not sell it. After a lengthy bid, Rocky was sold for only $35,000. Impossibly more than what it was worth, Rocky ranked as the highest grossing film in 1976. He never forgot about his loving companion. In an effort to reunite with his dog he waited patiently for 3 days outside the liquor store where he was sold. After a another lengthy bid, he bought his dog back for $15,000. That was nearly half of his earnings but somehow the amount of love he had for his dog was far more valuable than than the money he had made in his lifetime.

Life’s bitter blows seem endless and are often discouraging. But they do cease if you let them. Take each blow as the power to unlock your true potentials. Be persistent, be driven by your goals and ambitions. Take a small leap of faith each day, do one simple task at a time to have a sense of accomplishment. It is a kind thing to do for your mind. Life is full of challenges. It is a vicious roller ride. But to conquer the fear and knowing that you made it til the end, is the true joy.

Lianne Guzon



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