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College Diamond Jubilee

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College diamond jubilee
We celebrate diamond jubilee
Fair fragrant fest,
This fragrance narrates
College journey of being best.

In our college doesn’t matter
From where students come,
But, they give skilled education weapon
To battle with every problem and
Reach that place where student wants to go.

Not teaches bare academic syllabus
It gives life lesson by extension activities,
College gives great artist, scientist,cadet,player, professionals, journalist and all good people to society.

college is like a wide ocean and
teachers like protective shells,
They convert simple rain drop like students
into precious pearls.

T .C.C. is not a non-living, it is a living institute 
whose head is founder, brain is principal, organs are teacher and staff and students are blood cells.

So, it run on a coordination for the last 61 year
And will run for futures infinite year

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