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The secret room of love



love blanket

A grandmother in KIWENDO village had


a special room in her house where she used to get in every morning before the day start, she allowed no one else in except her own one husband, she also got into the room when things were not well with herself, children or friends, many people who paid visits to her really got worried of the room. One day she decided to share this crucial message to others and this is what she said. ‘ I decided to do a small matter that people might disvalue. I have preserved a secret room for a special love, where i have placed pictures of my husband and children, i get in here and make positive  declarations over their lives and how i love them, i always thank the author of love, God for their grant by faith, sincerely this has enabled me to stay with my cute husband for 75 years in love and that is my secret of love, so its simple be unique in your love that is the secret room of love. ‘ she said smiling. she received awards for the positive feedback from people.


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