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Earn 1 Lakh Per Month In India Without Any Investment

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You can earn 1 Lakh Per Month In India.

Chegg, Inc. is a Santa Clara, California-based American education technology company. It offers online tutoring, digital and printed textbook rentals, homework assistance, and other services for students.

The business was founded in 2005 and began trading publicly in November 2013 on the New York Stock Exchange. The company claimed to have 2.9 million Chegg Services customers as of March 2020. Due to reports of student cheating using Chegg services, the company’s offerings have generated controversy.

The average Chegg salary is between 2,50,000 and 17,88,991 yen for Content Writer and Technical Manager, respectively.
You can offer drop shipping services, sell products online, start an e-commerce business, and more. You will need to make some initial investments in each of these business concepts, but once you have done so, you will be able to continue earning money online even while working a full-time job.

They can provide student inquiries in their fields with answers as independent experts. Freelance Subject Matter Experts are hired by organizations like Chegg India. They sign up on the website or through campus hiring, answer questions posted by students around the world about a particular topic, and get paid for each question they answer!
Is there a fee I must pay to begin my application? No, we do not charge any fees while you are employed by Chegg or at any time thereafter.

What is Chegg’s minimum wage?
The position you are applying for determines the minimum wage at Chegg. The starting salary for a Content Associate is 2.2 lakhs, the starting salary for a Content Writer is 2.4 lakhs, and so on.

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