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16th October 2023 | 8 Views

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20230206 142209It started with day visiting Akshay Patra Foundation in Ambivali- Kalyan-Maharashtra. The processing unit was clean and tidy in which total 15 people work (shift wise). The kitchen  starts around 5 Am daily to prepare Lunch for school kids for the batch which runs from 7.30 till 3pm.
Few volunteers visited the Govt school in Shahad. The kids were primary school kids with wonderful talent within them. They sang, recited poems and even had confidence within them. The kids parents are mostly labourers and is difficult for them to have proper meal. 
However, the spark in their eyes, the dream to achieve heights was beyond donating the food.

Akshaypatra Ananthrupadasa plays major role to feed in these schools. In total they serve 9675 (approx) students every day. They have their locations at Thane, Kalyan, Bhiwandi and Panvel.20230206 142209 20230206 142201

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