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It is hard, all the while 
to accept the change of decline. 
Her era seems to slip from hand,
like the sand of passing time.
Hidden is the remote control, 
to press the pause; not lose it all.

Desire to replay, again for once 
to live back, to avoid the wrongs. 
Cause of it is still unknown 
It seemed so dark, she is left alone.
Alone but not yet lonely to feel 
moving sand make hourglass still.

Apparent to live and smile in crowd 
Stagnant, head filled with doubts.
Failing down all part of her 
Insecurity made her suffer. 
To prove it all, to make them proud 
she forgot to feel the pain endure.

Indifferent from world was her charm 
fight to prove, lost her the Arms 
To lose and gain was the call made 
trade of self for multiple flair
Big devotion of esteem and despair
still not enough to satisfy the glare.

Once, twice and then thrice 
Broken and hurt, many times. 
Time defines the crooked and fair,
from hoax good and presume bad.
Unveil the mystery to travel back
Is to learn from our inane dare.

Tough the lesson the better learnt 
Lost all, to a chance earn 
Hope the blossom helps the heal
Yesterday is past, with today to deal.
Desire to restart again for once 
To live herself, to new the wrongs.



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