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The Alone Boy

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16th October 2023 | 3 Views
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Haricharan rarely talks to people, always likes to live in the world of his own thoughts. Kamala, tried a lot to make him understand about their family. She was a typical rural woman who always want children and a happy married life but Haricharan was completely indifferent to all this matter. Haricharan always rebukes her wife. Kamala was not so beautiful,The color of the body is slightly black,fat body. Even if she didn’t know much about studies, but had a great ability in household works.

He didn’t even know what he wanted. One day Upama, Kamala’s younger sister came to their house, she may be 14-15. Her big black eyes,rose patal like lips,for an unknown reason Haricharan’s chest swelled by his sister in law’s beauty. Gradually an unknown feeling started to work between them. Society condemns it, Upama left her sister house. One the other hand Upama’s father arranged for har marriage. Though Upama told that she don’t ready for this marriage but she thought if her attraction towards her brother in law Increases more If this will be the cause of the breakup of his sister’s family, then she will never be able to forgive herself. So she married. On the other hand Haricharan Can’t forget her in any way. His wife can understand his state of mind but out of anger, she chooses to commit suicide. Now he wanders in the fields,ponds,gardens and murmuring something by himself. No one cares for him, no one listens to him.He is now alone. 

Anamika DasOffline

Anamika Das



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