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    We all knew that, the the exercise is very important for us to live a healthy life. But in this digital world we are not considering exercise in our daily routine.

     So we have to give atleast 15 minutes to do any exercises in the morning or evening. Because it not only keep us physically fit, it will also keep our mental health good. Because physical fitness has a very big effect on our mental health.

    So if anyone don’t want to do Yoga, then running is also a very good alternative for them. Because if you wake up in the early morning on daily basis and go for running then only you will feel another level of freshness and energy in your body. In the early morning we get the pure & fresh air and then if you run, you will make your body fit. Running also burns our body fat which will help to maintain our slim figure. Then by running our respiratory system also works well. Another exercise if you don’t want to run is cycling. Cycling is also a very good exercise for them who don’t want to run.

     So we have to consider atleast one exercise as a part of our daily works. Because by money we can’t buy health but if our healthy is good then we can earn more money. That’s why we say Health is wealth. There is nothing important than our health. At first it will take time to consider exercise in our daily life’s busy shedule. So firstly you have to practice to wake up in the early morning. Then after some days it will became your habbit to wake up early. Then you can do any exercises or running or cycling. Believe me if you once start this in the early morning then it will become your habbit and you will enjoy it.

     At last I want to say that, there is no wealth bigger than the health. So we have to take care of our health more than the wealth. Let’s run and stay fit.

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