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Milyin | 17th August, 2018

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Milyin turns 3 months old today. And here are all the updates we would love to share with the world.

We have just redesigned the post template under which the Content Creator’s profile has been shifted to top of the posts rather than the bottom of posts.

We have also rolled out a redesigned CSS under which we have made the foreground border and background border more continuous.  That looks beautiful in our opinion.

We have reworked our menu’s also. Now our draft creations are shown directly in the my-creations page. The discover page has been added to the menu.

Along with it, we have also added Creation Guide, which are some recommended guidelines for writing your post. We have added a new support menu, that contains links to Help, Contact Us, and Policy pages.

Apart from it we have also reworked links. Now all the auto generated links are #underlined with their colors rather than having a background color with them.

We have introduced a newer more advanced commenting system that have more options and better features apart from performance improvement. 

Earlier on the Creations page, each page showed up 10 posts per page, now we have increased it to a 100 posts a page for easier navigation.

We have started our own Instagram account  Please Check that out, we would try to improve our social presence with help of the same


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