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16th October 2023 | 126 Views

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Steve Jobs had a great skill of marketing ans convincing people, which he used to sell Apple’s Products. He had many of his skills work together to create a environment where people are easily compelled to buy the product.

Reality Distortion Field

#SteveJobs in #1984 was working on #Macintosh computers. Engineers working on Macintosh were asked to reduce 10 seconds from boot time. Disagreeing with it, #engineers refused to be able to reduce even a millisecond from it. Steve Jobs, addressed engineers to say, ‘would you reduce it’s time if someone’s life depended on it.’ His point was thousands of people would daily waste 10 seconds more booting the Computer.

The sum time amounting to many lives. Few weeks later the same team, came up with rewritten code and reduce the time by 20 seconds. Now That’s Amazing Steve Jobs, coined this term and is often used to talk about its presentation skills. Most of the people describe it as a fancy name for Pretending or lying, while I call it a real gold. It doesn’t really mean #pretending it can be better called mind game. When you without saying something make people fell in a particular way it is called #RealityDistortionField.

Story Teller

Steve once rightly said that the most powerful person in the universe is the story teller. Steve used this in almost all of the keynotes of Apple. Stories may even include quotations for example once he included a quote from Ray Kroc, which said that the people who are serious about software should make their own hardware. This line presented that Apple was really serious about the software and valued user experience.

At the launch of iPod he said 1000 songs in your pocket. He did not say a 5GB storage he said it beautifully so that people can put into perspective. Similarly at the launch of Macbook Air he said that there is something in the Air. It made people feel that their was some distinguishing factor with in the Macbook Air. The beauty of all the 3 incidences was that when he spoke them you did not feel like it was marketing, it felt like it was a strong believe or strong perspective kept in front of you. In other words he marketed such that others did not feel that he was marketing.

Sell a Dream

Steve Jobs used to sell a dream not a product. When he launched the first iPhone it was not a product it was a great lifestyle it was a dream like situation where you could use internet, email and do phone calls on your phone. That is a serious thing for a successful marketing campaign.

Not neccessarily should your product be as revolutionary as iPhone but it should be presented in form of dream. For eg. Instead of marketing a pen like, ‘the best pen in the world, that can change your whole world’ is not as good as ‘It Does Not Take Much To Tell Who The Hell Are You, Because Pen is Mightier Than Sword’ In the above example we use the earlier principle of telling a story or a quotation as well as sold a dream. This is a si ple way to develop brand. You don’t have to make it good, You have to Make it feel good, and that will make all the difference.

Simplified sophictication

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication. And he knew ot really well. Whenever he was marketing he used to keep hos presentations or videoa really simple. Their was never to much for people to see. The reason was really simple, giving too much information would make people forget all of it.

At a instance he really had more than 2 pictures on screen or more than 1 sentence. He rather made longer marketing campaign videos rather than having to much information vomitted at any instance. So this is it, discussed all the importsnt things to make your marketing work similar to Apple, and may be some day your brand also becomes a brand worth a Trillion Dollars like Apple. Best Of Luck.

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