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Never Again

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“Strolling in the garden,
 under the dusky sky,
 He saw her.
 Sitting under the mango tree,
 playing with the flowers.
 She lifts her eyes and smiles.
 Their eyes meet,
 with a smile on their lips,
 seeing each other,
 after 7 years.
 A small girl comes, running to her,
 with a big grin, squealing,
 She gets up,
 twirling the little girl,
 both giggling.
 As he thinks of talking to her,
 his trance is broken,
 listening to the lil girl, squealing,
 He leaves,
 yet again.
 He fails to talk, with her,
 yet again.
 He gives up on his best friend,
 yet again.
 He gives up on his
 first love,
 yet again.”

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