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The Enigma in the Mist

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In the land of fog and mist,

Where secrets seem to persist,

There lies a mystery untold,

An enigma, never grown old.

The whispers of the wind,

Speak of a riddle within,

A puzzle that confounds the wise,

And baffles all who theorize.

The shadows dance in the night,

And in their midst, a strange light,

That glows with a strange allure,

And beckons with a tempting lure.

Is it a mirage, or is it real?

A trick of the mind, or does it reveal,

A truth that’s hidden from sight,

Lost in the mists of night.

So seek ye well, oh curious one,

And let the journey begun,

To unravel the mystery,

Of the enigma in the mist, ye shall see.

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