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Let the person inside you speak up, Let it shout louder and louder;

Let all the pain inside you come out,

showing your pain doesn’t make you weaker !! But keeping it within you will definitely make you weaker;

Open-up don’t let the beast in you kill you !!

Before the anxieties inside kill you mentally and physically,

Speak-out shout louder say what’s wrong or right, Don’t care about the judgements;

I will be always there to listen 🙂

anjali mLast Seen: Jul 3, 2023 @ 1:26pm 13JulUTC

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  1. Komal Phadtare

    100% True .. many times we afraid to speak out to let out our pain sorrow because we think no one is going to understand..but it will kill our inner joy..and you will get the people who always support you and be with let it come out..It is the first step towards self healing 😇