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Soaring Heart

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Love is like a bird in flight,

Soaring high with all its might.

It spreads its wings and takes a leap,

With beauty, grace, and a heart that beats.

But love, oh love, it is not free,

It comes with struggles that you’ll see.

It can be a heavy load to bear,

With doubts and fears that linger there.

But still, love perseveres,

It endures and it appears,

Like a bird that’s learned to glide,

Through the winds that push and pull aside.

For love requires a sacrifice,

A giving of oneself, without a price.

It’s putting someone else before you,

And seeing their happiness come shining through.

And just like a bird, love will soar,

Above the clouds and always more,

It will find its way home, to its nest,

And bring comfort, peace, and happiness.

So hold on tight, to this love you’ve found,

And let it lift you off the ground,

For it will guide you through the skies,

And fill your life with beauty and surprise.

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