The Overseers of Life

Lucas Raymond

16th October 2023 | 18 Views

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                        There was a moment when I wondered what they look like during my early youth, how they do their responsibilities, and what roles they have to maintain the balance. With my vast knowledge of curiosity comes my better control of adapting what is crucial for my journey to this reality. I used to know them as two individuals with opposing colorations of their tuxedos, the white tuxedo man was the one who sits at the corner of nature, where he enforces the benefit of the health of the environment; while the latter one is the opposite palette, the black tuxedo man, he executes the consequences of taking advantage towards the environment, which he noted that changes could be a dual-edged sword. 

                        One time, they sit in the middle while playing chess, another time when they exchange info, and some other… well… the rarest of it, I guess, that they are like, in a serious tone. In playing chess, they do it as if it affects all happened and what will happen, which most of the time that the good side won; in exchanging info, they simply lay down what they oversee from what the environment provided for, they may discuss how it does for the living that they might agree on, some may stay differed and argumentative, and; there was a time that they have to up the responsibilty due to the abuse of the living towards what the system supposed to show, that contradicts with the natural flow, of which they have to make a unanimous verdict to resolve and to return the balance of the scale.

                         Over the years, the white tuxedo man slowly having struggles to convince anyone he engages in a conversation with that the world is not what it looked like that is being rejoiced at the media, the other one shaking his head in disappointment, knows that the living will one day overdone their roles and justify it in a way of telling “it is for the sake of saving the environment”. sure thing that for a man-made tech to flourish for the goal to approach the future, it needed to make a lot of sacrifices. I still see how W.T.M. sits down at the bench located at the “in-between”, with B.T.M. stating “this may be as far as they go, we need to initiate the mass reconstruction before it’ll be too late”. 

                      Now a young adult, I may still see how the cycle continues to work, but I know one thing… the scale is tilted, it may be a piece of good news knowing that there are places that do the bidding of W.T.M. to regenerate what is lost, but the impending worry that B.T.M. has predicted in a lot of possibilities, it never gonna result at a short solution… because the living will inevitably gonna initiate an evolution that none will benefit but the natural beings whom will be part of it. 

Lucas Raymond



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