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Rusty Blood

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Is it unnatural or humane
The pain I feel?
I can taste the rust
When I bite my tongue too often
I can taste that its ages old
Passed on by my blood in my blood
It was detested, yet swallowed hard again and again
I loathed it and spit it out never to taste it again                                                                                                               Men say I’m too educated
It made me crazy
I’m far too drawn by the allure of westernization
Forgot the rituals of homeland
My dress is too short and my dreams are too big
Bite your tongue young lady and don’t speak out of turn
It’s boys club I was told too often
I’m too young to not be smitten, yet too old to not know the taste of blood
Bite your tongue, you shouldn’t speak
Your blood’s fresh, where’s the rust

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