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A Talking Tree

16th October 2023 | 15 Views

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     In a forest there were many trees like Shaal, Shaguan, pine, peepal etc. The trees were talking to each other in their dense habitat. Everyone was happy. Suddenly one day they came to know that his life was in danger. In the morning about eight to ten people came to the forest and started cutting the trees by axes from the root. In this way they cut down all the trees. Only two shaal trees, two shaguan trees and one pine tree remained.  These trees which is at a short distance mourn the death of their brothers.
     One day the shaal tree asked the banyan tree, I heard that we are forbidden to be cut. But now the reverse is happening. Then the banyan tree said we are forbidden to be cut but But the people in power are doing according to their wish. They are cutting us to earn money for themselves.

     Shaguan said how these people are betraying their country for a that money. When they will learn to work honestly. When the people of a country do not work honestly, they give more importance to their own interests than the good of the country, then the country goes downwards.

        The pine tree got very angry and said that they will soon get the results of this bad work. The small shaal tree asked how ? Then the pine tree said, don’t you know that, rain is possible because of us and they are living in the earth by our help. Then the shaal tree asked how ? The pine tree said will I say you the calculation of our help for the people ? Then listen, by absorbing the Carbon dioxide gas which is very polluted for the people we give them the oxygen gas. Thats why people live healthy. We also generate foods by absorbing sunlight. It is through the mists of our photosynthetic process that they get food such as rice, wheat and fruits etc. One of the biggest thing is to generate foods we need rain and we also help for the rain.

        Then the shaal tree said, yes I also knew about the process of photosynthesis. But if people will cut us then how there will rain. And if there is no rain,  then people will die of hunger also. And the words of the pine tree came true. The next year no crops had harvested due to drought. The rich people kept their houses and warehouses with full of foods but the common man struggled to got handfull rice.

       One day pine tree saw many people gathering around the small shaal tree. They had Some green colour loads on their heads and tools in their hands. A short distance away they were digging the soil. O God, thinking that there is another danger, the shaal tree screamed in fear and said to the banyan tree, “What is going on?”

       The pine tree said to the small shaal tree, don’t be afraid. There is nothing to fear today. These people have came to plant trees around us. They have realized their mistakes. In a few days we can see that our family is getting very big. Hearing this, all the trees shook their leaves and clapped their hands. Their joy have no bounds today. At last I will say that plant more tree and save the earth.

                                                                                             “LET’S GO GREEN’

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