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Rajasthan: Let's Get On Field Trip | Day 1

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Day 1

After reaching Delhi It was difficult to decide where to go, finally after decision in last part We were on the go

As we departed on our road trip, we all were very excited. We crossed the Chandigarh city and it was all smog there. We took the Delhi bypass to Delhi-Jaipur highway. The roads were just fantastic. As we stopped for our breakfast at a Dhaba (indian hotel) and trust us they may not be good in ambience but the food gives trtr essence of indian food, the cover we used for protecting the luggage overhead the Innova was fallen away and we could not even see when this happened. I think that was because of the smog. We entered Rajasthan state, past we were driving in Delhi. The actual journey started from here. We could actually see a lot of trucks coming from far-away places such as TAMIL NADU, MAHARASHTRA, KERELA, etc. We were not that much in Rajasthan but we actually started feeling the real blend. Not much travelled from the Rajasthan-Haryana border, our Safari’s left hand side tire got punctured. We were lucky that we were not very far from a nearby town named ‘Behror’. We got the tire fixed. Then we just after 70 km had our lunch. That was a true Rajasthani lunch with lots of spices. I was really shocked to see the big Green chili. I saw that kind of chili’s for the first time but I did not really eat it. Then we just headed towards our hotel in Ajmer which we booked using Goibibo. Ah.. that was really a long trip. We reached there by 6:00pm. We could easily maintain a speed of 60 miles/hr. The hotel rooms were nice but not international standard. At around 9:00 pm, we headed out in Ajmer to see what’s there available at night. Near Ajmer Dargah only, we were able to find a restaurant which I came to know is very famous for its Non-vegetarian delicacies. I ate just one plate of ‘Chicken Biryani’ and it was so tasty. I’m till now able to remember that taste. It was just near the Dargah. We also ate Chicken with chappati. I was really impressed with their food.
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