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Milyin as we told has ran great, and those of you unaware we were worling on Milyin with a free domain, last week we invested ourselves and our money in Milyin, to run it full scale. This included the domain itself also. For past few days we were working on setting up our domain Now today we proudly announce our Milyin 2.0, with web address we have put lot of hardwork and efforts in it, do recommend any changes you would like to see in our website. We would be posting all our articles from Milyin 1.0 to 2.0. We also plan to launch a system where, users can signup for presenting your views on our website as blogs. These blog posts in future would be monetized, you could earn from writting with us. Though these are still is development. Basic intent of our platform is to spread voice of these indviduals throughot the world. We want to insure that no Voice gets burried by anyone. On our mission we are working really hard. Hope you love our Website. This is probably the last article we post on this website. All articles you read on Milyin 1.0 will be available on Milyin 2.0 within next few hours. Also the articles present on Milyin 1.0 will be removed on 25th May 2018, to go on Milyin 2.0 full-scale. In last post we promised that articles and dedication would be same, that is true, though there is slight iteration in our Tag line. Check the tagline on the website itself. Do tell us which tagline you like. Despite changed Tagline our Spirit is same and will remain same till the Judgement day. So without further ado, Let us take honour in welcoming all Milyin-aires to Milyin.


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