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Day 0

Just after landing in India and so much to discover it was difficult to decide where to go
It was a day out, actually a Friday. We had no plan for the trip. We were just doing everyday breakfast, suddenly an idea struck my head that should we not plan a vacation out. I said,”As we are having vacations, shall we not go on a road trip.” At first, no one was obliged to go but there was a condition set out was that we will go on this Sunday. Very forcefully I obliged for a trip. But we were having doubt ‘where to go’? Someone said that as this is January, it is not possible to go on a road trip to Himachal or Jammu and Jammu Kashmir. I said that this is the best season to go out for a road trip to RAJASTHAN. It was already late night, we were not having any plan. In the morning, I got up first from the bed before anyone. I made all of them to get up and pack their bags. They all were so lazy at that time. I was very excited. The same day we also went to market to some clothes. In the same night only, we made all the arrangements for “OUR ROAD TRIP TO RAJASTHAN.” We had no plan that what will be the duration of our stay. In the night only we got a carrier to be put up on our ‘INNOVA’. The other car we took to this fantastic trip was ‘SAFARI’. We got up early morning, around 5:00 am. We just rushed to put up our bags in the cars. We actually were 12 heading out on this trip. Both the cars were 7 seater. At around 6:30 am we departed for our road trip of Rajasthan.
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