Simon Sinek: All Motivation Combined together

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3rd July 2024 | 168 Views | 0 Likes

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Introduction : Ever wondered that why even though there are thousand tech companies Apple has a unique identity or respect of its own. Why does Harley Davidson stands out in public while none others do. Why having Starbucks in pics becomes status symbol. The answer lies in mind of a man who has inspired masses with his Books Ted Talks and speeches, he is Simon Sinek. He is  Author of bestseller “Start With Why” he is the man when you need some guidance on where to move in live. He is famous for his Millennial Question where he answers increase in aggression and disobedience among young generation, he shares variety of examples to inspire you and give right direction he talks about leadership, and reason why great people succeed. I love that guy, and have compiled a short speech collecting all his ideas together so that you don’t have too. He tells reason why people love Apple, Starbucks and Harley Davidson are loved by all. He shares the reason why some leaders like Martin Luther King have followers, and others not The speech as been edited by my friend and a great YouTuber SakshamGoelTx visit him at : The video is linked down below.  

Performed by @AdityaAgarwal aka. Siya Agarwal




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