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Aarav Tated

16th October 2023 | 8 Views

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The magical world was a blank slate

Where creatures many could decide their fate

Beings of power walked this land

With magic in their veins or wand in hand.


Wizards and witches could create and destroy

Hunting and running brought werewolves joy
Dragons could fight, they had great might

Unicorns could heal, the fairies were bright. 


This world needed a protector, and it had one
The phoenix soared through the sky, bringing light like the Sun

It spread hope where it went, it was a creature pure

It used all of its strength to keep the world secure.


`However in this world, of darkness there were signs

Rooted in the soil were dangerous black vines

They were the creation of the Dark One, who only brought about death

 Who used the creatures and their magic, until they took their last breath.


Darkness following light was natural but the spread was too strong

The extent of the right was shadowed by the wrong

Creatures evil appeared, manipulative and deceptive

To permanently destroy them, no trick was effective.


They brought war and tragedy and perils great

Warriors fought them, eager to bring the world to its former state

The phoenix fought hard, trying to destroy the Dark One’s power all around
In waves of carnage, the once blessed land drowned.


Warriors fell in battle, more brave beings took their place

Greed spread through the world, anger and jealousy at an equal pace

The vines rooted deep couldn’t be removed

When the phoenix died and turned to ash, it seemed everyone was doomed. 


All hope was gone, it seemed the Dark One had won

In the vast battlefield, fighters stood none
But then the ashes caught fire, a hidden form stirred

From the bright warm flame, rose the pure golden bird.


What was wrong may be always there, but the phoenix would also return

Every time it was killed, the ashes would once more churn

The phoenix returned to fight, the Dark One was killed

With joy and faith, the world was once more filled. 


It is important to fight, to always move ahead

Evil can be destroyed, even if it returns and brings dread.

A single flame can illuminate the world, no matter how dark

The fire can always be lit, we just need to be the first spark.

Aarav Tated



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