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Aarav Tated

16th October 2023 | 6 Views

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A man lives a normal life

Devoid of of great mishap or strife

When suddenly a call rings out

As adventure spreads all throughout.

To this new occurrence he is inclined

Yet refusal and doubt cling to his mind

He’s filled with uncertainty and fear

When a mentor makes his path clear. 

He receives advice and great learning

For the thrill of adventure he starts yearning

He accepts the new world, ready to engage.

And this ends the Departure stage.

Allies many he shall meet

As they stand by him, in victory and defeat

Obstacles and foes shall block his way

Courage and skill he shall display.

As he approaches a great challenge

He shall use his knowledge and talent

To fear and doubt he must not bow

As he reflects on his journey till now.

Once the threshold is crossed, there’s no return

It’s his choice to move forward, as emotions churn

He faces an enemy, or a great fear

On the line is a lot that he holds dear.

All of his ordeals make him wise and strong

As he goes against all that is wrong

Protection of his loved ones shall be his greatest urge

From the fight, as a new person, he shall emerge.

He shall wish to return, a lot he has faced

Yet in front of him his final challenge shall be placed

He shall win, he shall return a changed man

Everything shall be different from when it all began.

At home he shall be met with celebration and joy

In life his learnings he shall employ

The thorns in his path showed his true beauty like a rose

This is how the Hero’s Journey goes.

Aarav Tated




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