HELP – the change for someone.


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Disclaimer from Creator: This poem is created & written by myself. Hope you all like it. Thank you :)

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Help is a word that we often hear,

A call for aid, a cry for cheer,

It’s a simple gesture, yet so powerful,

A way to show that we care, that we’re dutiful.

It’s a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on,

A listening ear, a comforting tone,

It’s a way to lift each other up,

A way to make the burden less known.

It’s a way to show we’re not alone,

In our struggles, our pain, our woes,

It’s a way to make the world a better place,

A way to help each other grow.

So let’s reach out and lend a hand,

To those who need it most,

Let’s be the help that they need,

And let’s be the love that they boast.

– By Siddhika

From Mumbai, India.

Siddhika D



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