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Once upon a time when we used to be a kid, not knowing about worlds rule we lived a best life. We made our own games, our own rule, our own world, our unique techniques even to learn by heart our lessons like multiplication of 9. We were used to be a  king of ourself but as cloud passed we had achieved expertise in slavery. It’s a time to bring back the childhood my comrades, Why are we working, writing, discovering, inventing??  To earn money? Why can’t we just leave a cities and states and keep traveling or lock ourself on a room and paint a masterpiece or do a music setup and drop albums full of melodies. Why can’t we? Because we are slave of life and we will be slave if we don’t ask ‘ WHO AM I? ‘ BOSS WHO ARE YOU?

HOW TO FIND WHO ARE YOU. As i mentioned we all have our own rules, techniques to live a life so we must figure it out ourself. But here are few common tips and ways that will led you and us to our CROWN. 

  1. Take a break and sit alone (maybe in your room, garden etc but i will prefer to sit in front of a mirror). Stare at yourself, soon you will start to notice every detailed wrinkles on your face, you will discover how dull your eyes are. Make sure you keep your electronics away while this survey. Then talk to yourself. Ask what you want, why your relationships are cursed ,why you are unhealthy and should you stick to your current life as it is or what changes you can make. Keep asking. 
  2. Make notes while you ask youself. Note all do’s and don’t s . Keep writing, don’t stop. Make a list of 20-30 things you can replace and you must replace. You will fill with motivation at this point. 
  3. Take a breath as you completely note as much as you can. Now drink a glass of water. It’s never easy to replace a habit but as you decided to sit alone, think and note then you should not step back now. It’s a important part. Stand up with a long breath of relief,  don’t pick your gadgets. Stand in superman position, if possible near a window. Don’t think of past or future just stand and fell that you are standing. Do some stretching and now clean your messy room. Get hot shower bath, eat your meal
  4. After your tummy is full have a sleep. Don’t use your gadgets , put your phone in silent mode, dim your room light and sleep. 
  5. You will surely have a great sleep. Once you wake up, you will fell hungry and fresh. Eat something light and have little stretching and now go out for a walk. Make sure to go alone.
  6. Come home back, if yoy have a pet fed them. Don’t use gadgets and sleep early. It maybe little hard to sleep at night as you slept whole evening so if you don’t fell sleepy either draw,  paint, write or read but please don’t use any gadgets. 
  7. At this point you will know what you want. What disturbs you. What is missing and what is a solution. 
  8. Next morning you decide. Slavery  or Bravery .    Thank you so much for reading. 
Subam Goswami



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