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What Are Amazon Product Photo Requirements?

16th October 2023 | 6 Views

  • 7 Major Amazon Product Photo Requirements
    • Observe the Technical Amazon graphic specifications
    • Give a Photograph of the Top Spot on the Product Page
    • Follow Amazon’s Guidelines for High-Quality Photographs
    • Keep Offer Level Images in Mind
    • Utilize Different Pictures
    • Keep the Whole Picture in Consideration
    • Deliver Valuable Details
  • Final Words

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E-commerce product photo editing is essential. Why? Because potential customers won’t visit any other pages if you have appealing images that clarify everything.

People stay on your site if your business strategy is well communicated, your product appears great, and your photographs correctly address all of the concerns of the customer. Hence ecommerce like Amazon requires special criteria in their photos.

What are those?

Here are some Amazon product photo requirements you must know as a marketer:

7 Major Amazon Product Photo Requirements

One of the most significant parts of your Amazon posting is the product photos. Keep in mind to devote the same amount of effort and money to your photographs as you did to developing your business and private label products.

You need to follow some photo specifications for Amazon when publishing. If not, the program will reject it.

Those are as follows:

Observe the Technical Amazon graphic specifications

The most significant advice for improving your Amazon product photographs is to stick to the technical specifications for Amazon photographs.

You must agree to several essential criteria when posting your photographs to Amazon’s listings. Or else you risk having problems with Amazon approving your photos.

Give a Photograph of the Top Spot on the Product Page

You should offer photos based on priority if you’re an Amazon merchant. During this stage, a few of the new Amazon merchants blunder and waste potential clients.

You can post up to 8 photos of an item on Amazon. Your core product photograph should give a general overview of the item. Then, you should utilize different categories for more photos.

You must photograph things from several perspectives so that consumers may see them exactly. They need to experience a sense of actual quality testing.

Follow Amazon’s Guidelines for High-Quality Photographs

High-quality product photos boost click-through rates and boost revenues. Superior product photos can be found on the profiles of Amazon bestseller lists. You must continue to provide that level of excellence to give them competitive pressure.

The product image needs to look clear and genuine initially. Don’t attempt to modify an item so much that it loses its original appearance. It does not really help in making your pictures reliable. You might lose potential buyers.

Keep Offer Level Images in Mind

On Amazon, several merchants are engaged in using reconditioning Product sales. In that situation, you must add an extra level to the image. It informs the Amazon system that you’ll be offering reconditioned or used stuff.

The consumers will then find it simpler to learn about your service. You must keep in mind Amazon’s technical image specifications.

Utilize Different Pictures

It’s another crucial element to emphasize when showcasing an appealing product photograph. Some salespeople miss that distinction and lose potential clients. Leave yourself off of that list. To display your goods, you need to include a selection of pictures.

First, you must consider yourself a buyer. Which appearance would you prefer to view the product image as a buyer, you must ask yourself.

Take your shots from those various perspectives as if you were the consumer. It will provide the buyer with a thorough representation of your goods. That could result in many purchases for you.

Keep the Whole Picture in Consideration

Let’s say you’re planning to buy clothing. A merchant is displaying the cloth’s complete image. A piece of the outfit is absent in another image. What dress are you planning to buy? Consumers will buy the first item over 90% of the time.

Also, your consumer’s mind functions similarly. People start to desire to purchase it only after seeing an item in person. This is why your product photos should include the full item. Your click-through rate and conversion rate will go up with its help.

Deliver Valuable Details

Finally, providing essential details is one of the most important Amazon product image requirements. For instance, you may highlight the product’s unique qualities. You may also explain how using that product will benefit the consumers.

The subconscious mind is influenced by this knowledge to decide favorably about the transaction. Ensure that every piece of data you offer is wholly accurate. Otherwise, it can have a bad impact on your company.

Final Words

Professional Amazon product photography is an investment that will pay for itself in a certain time. It requires a lot of effort and expertise to shoot excellent product photographs. Some people lack the skills or resources to perform it correctly.

A product’s clear, high-quality photographs allow target users to see precisely the items they will receive and make an informed decision.

We hope that this post helps you fully comprehend the importance of product photography and how to take the finest pictures of your products.

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