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Cricket match pt-2


8th June 2024 | 17 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: This poem is a work of fiction and is intended for creative and inspirational purposes only. Any resemblance to actual events, teams, or individuals is purely coincidental. The themes and messages presented reflect the author's imagination and are meant to encourage resilience, teamwork, and personal growth. The poem should not be taken as an accurate representation of any real-life experiences or cricket matches.

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The ride back was quiet,

With thoughts running riot.

I questioned my skill,

Did I play with no will?

The night felt long,

As I pondered what went wrong.

But a call broke my trance,

A friend asked for another chance.

“Don’t lose heart,” he said,

“Let’s practice instead.”

So we met the next day,

Determined to play.

With grit and sweat,

We chased every threat.

Day by day, we grew,

As a team, we flew.

Our spirit unbroken,

Our resolve unspoken.

The next match came,

With pressure just the same.

But this time we stood tall,

Giving our all.

We played as one,

And victory we won.

Cheers filled the air,

Our joy was beyond compare.

So, remember this truth,

In failure lies the root.

Of lessons profound,

And victories unbound.Screenshot 2024 06 08 21 56 20 541

Charu Smita



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