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Powerful Habit- Quote sukarma Thareja

Sukarma Thareja

2nd June 2024 | 6 Views

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Life goes with #chemical chain reaction taking place in #environment and  #body.Believe In Yourself 6144251 640

but each chain reaction needs #initiation conditions like input of required amount of #energy.To let these chain chemical reaction going it needs #favorable condition like formation of #intermediates from previous chain reaction for #propagation of reaction.

In chain propagation step #intermediate is consumed formed from previous reaction.

So #repetitive cycle of chain chemical reaction  goes on.

#Chain chemical reactions are very powerful and benefit environment and body of humans.

 In terms of psychology motivation– combination of motive and action is fundamental in success of an individual.It is a driving force behind human #action,what one needs to  start particular required activity in life.

Motivation activity is goal oriented-willingness to do something. #Motivation forms intermediate called habit what keeps one going with same activity  in life.

With passage of time in life habit become very #powerful as #neuron in brain create craving for same activity

so repetitive cycle of #habit goes on with time.

Fixed pattern of behavior –habit is rewarded by release of #pleasure chemicals in brain.

that  give #powerful benefit to #body and mind.

MORAL-Good habits make one more #consistent in life.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986


Sukarma Thareja



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