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Darkness is worth experiencing

Sakshi Soni

31st May 2024 | 12 Views

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What’s the real darkness?The absence of any color in your sight or the absence of soul in a heart. 

There are infinite reasons to live the joyous life

How peaceful it is to see that sun dusking slowly and beautifully… 

Birds chirping and wishing twilight… 

The colors of heaven spreading all around the sky making me realize we are meant to live every part of life… 

The breeze slides charmingly through the layers of space… 

The joy of seeing the moon showing himself more brightly in upcoming darkness… 

All the stars companying each other like comrades… 

Seeing the sun taking the last glance of the moon..Making us feel that some darkness is worth experiencing. 

#poetry #creation #positivelife


Sakshi Soni



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