Starting with a Job Vs Starting a Business (Best Tips)

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Job or Business?Job Vs Business Want to start with one of the above? Then you’re in the right place.  Erase your confusion now!! Because today I’m going to show you the exact process from which one of my Substitute started to earn $30,000 a month. The best part? All of my advice which I shared is really working GREAT in 2018. Let’s Do This!

Find Your Real Passion

I would make you through every listing present in this whole world. But first of all, find your real passion. Follow Your Passion Develop a mindset for everything. Do you want to go through tough hardships or you want to just make yourself secured with a fixed income? Tough hardships here refers to start a business. But why it is referred to this? This can be explained through an example: We all know that the most influential person, who I personally followed, is the great STEVE JOBS. He was after all a dropout, but he found his real passion in starting with a new Company. He took the biggest risk of his life and planned to change the whole world. He grew up with different hardships, which I believe is impossible to happen to us. Let’s get back to point. The company can make you ultra rich, but you have to take a lot of risks. Whereas… ….passing a degree and settle at a good place, can be actually a provisional way of being secured with Family for the whole lifetime. A person having a high professional degree can also reach great heights. All develop on Thinking And Innovation.

What Are Both Terms Referred to?

This question was to be asked in the beginning- but firstly you have to be inspired. What do you mean by ‘Job’? A Job is a field in which you are categorized as a working part for a bigger company. You are based on the experience and expertise you studied and developed in the past few years. What do you mean by ‘Business’? It is a self-developing means through which you can show your Abilities, you Innovation, and your Presence in the society. It is a broad term. It is a developing process which never ends. The definitions end Here, But: ….their uniqueness to be implemented does not end here. And that’s why many people face a lot of problem in selecting their future. The people who can be successful in one part select the other paths.

3. Ignore What People Say!!

Ignorance is the choice This is really true!! Ignore people what they say….. Just plan yourself and move forward. What you will plan would be the best choice. You should never feel bad about the sayings of the third party. What you like must be followed. Remove Negativity Immediately!! Read: How to not care About What People think.

What Did People Use to Do In Past? Job or Business?

What your Grand Parents Used to Do In past? It might have sometime struck your mind: What Job my Grandparent or even further used to do? This is fishy to answer. I personally asked my Grand Father, What he used to do When he was Young? He said,”We did not do that much work. We were only working on a small basis. I was not that very much on a fixed job. In fact, there were very fewer job opportunities. We opened small shops and start to sell the local products.” This was the answer which I got from my Grand Father. I want to let you all know, that this Job Vs Business Guide Mainly focuses on the questions which come into your mind while starting with the working age. The hint comes from the above answer: There used to be no job opportunities for the people. They started their own local level shop and just made to it. Earlier people depended on starting their own business, yet no company. Now it’s the time to tell you the real thing. Let’s first of all talk on the topic JOB…….

What is it likely to have a Job? #JobVsBusiness

First of all, let’s talk about the qualifications you need to have to get a Job: man going to his office You must have seen a lot of people rushing to get a Degree from a good University….. ……you must have a degree to at least qualify for Office Interviews. Also, you must be an expert in the field you are joining for. You can read a lot of informational context on WikiHow here: How to prepare for a Job interview This post on WikiHow will really help you to get your work done. You must not overthink on the subject. Go clear-mindedly. In some cases, the job you are applying for can demand a new test for the eligibility

Why is doing a Job a Slow Process?

I have seen a lot of people complaining to the companies (in which they are working) for their consistent hard work result. They are actually demanding for their Promotion. Promotion? Yeah, I must say that performing a Job and receiving no output is like moving of the snail. No one wants to consistently work hard and get no result. It sucks…… Right? In Job everything takes time. You really need a lot of patience!! It is not possible that there is an increment every day….. … cannot get promoted to a next level suddenly. Job is a slow process You require a lot of time……… And this is the only way to succeed in Job. You have to continue to work hard and bring a different and unique concept which may help in the benefit of the company.

Managing your Time: Job

Time Management If you are a person who likes to spend your time with your family, your friends, then performing a JOB will be the best option for you. Just do that 9 to 5 Job and get the hell out of there. Spend the whole day with your family. Take leave whenever you have to go somewhere. You get, most importantly, a fixed amount of money every month. This way you can regulate the expenditure of every month. It’s not like business, where your monthly salary is not fixed. It can suddenly go up or even drop down like a stone…… So I prefer Jobs to those people who want their quality time, Ahhhh…. I mean, spend their time with family and friends.

Advantages of Jobs: Take The Benefit You Want!!

advantages of jobs Till now we have discussed a lot of things regarding the Job Listing. But now, it’s the time to discuss some of the advantages of Jobs: A job is truly secure- I have already told you that Job gets you the fixed salary every month. Along with this, you know that no one can remove you from the Job without a valid reason. People continue to work for a single company for 30-35 years!! That’s really insane!! Even one of my relative is in a government job and he has been working there for more than 20 years. Less Working Hours- It is true that there is less working required for a job (in terms of time). You work from 9 to 5 and go home. That’s it!! In a business, you have to work day and night. I mean, every time. We will discuss it later in the part. Less Stress- It is a well-known fact that people most often face a regular stress when they are actually involved in a business. But it does not happen here: There are a lot of people working with you. They will definitely help you in one or the other way to get out of the problem. Also here on LinkedIn, someone posted a really good masterpiece content on the advantages of Jobs: 5 Reasons why having a Job is Better than Having a Business

Disadvantages of Job: The Decision You Want!!

A while back, I read somewhere that taking your lifetime for Job can have some serious disadvantages. So I decided to take a part for Disadvantages of Jobs: Exponential Growth is not possible- Working for a company is actually waiting, waiting and waiting. As I discussed before that Jobs require a lot of patience. You cannot expect to grow your level only in one day. But it’s opposite in business, which we discuss somewhat later. You have no freedom here- In most of the Jobs, which I believe, you have no freedom. You have to spend your whole day working in front of their computer screens. Here you cannot work according to yourself. You have to work under a supervisory of someone. You work there as a forced labor- This is a very important point. You might have seen a lot of people begging for taking off from the manager. This gets very difficult!! If the company gets a major work or is working on a crisis, then you might have to work overtime. This thing takes the Job on a dark side.

Is Government Job Better than a Private Job?

gh This is the most popular question people ask. Most people think that Government Job is far better than any Private Job. Yes, I believe this is correct. The quality of life in a Government sector is far better.

Pros of Government Jobs:

  1. Job Security: It is interesting to know that at an average a person spends 20-30 years at a government Job. No one can remove him/her without any valid reason.
  2. Respect Matter: If you are a government employee, you will surely have a lot of respect. Wherever you will be, you will be respected the most.
  3. No Overloading: If you are at a great Government Employee post, you will never get overloaded. They have policies that are bound to be followed by each and every institution.
  4. More Holidays: If you work in a private sector, there is a very less chance that you get additional holidays at the big festivals or any other program. But for Government Employees, it will be a holiday in this case.

As such there are no cons from my side. In a direct contrast to Private Jobs, Government jobs are far better. Also Read: Pros and Cons of both Government as well as Private Job

What is it likely to own a Company ( #Business)? 

I like this part!! Sandeep Maheshwari, a great motivational speaker, listed as one of his best sessions on the same topic, Job Vs Business, in one of his sessions. But don’t forget to enable the subtitles. Hit the play button, and see this motivational seminar: This is really a wonderful session!! I must agree with this speaker that Business is all about UNDERSTANDING. If you understand the market, you will definitely outrank others. This strategy would help you to skyrocket your industry. It is definitely sure that you require a lot of hard work in starting your own business. Like I said in the earlier part that daily increment is not possible in a Job, it’s of course, but you see that there is increment daily in a business. It is true that if you run after money you will directly fall down like a stone. You can actually start any business without money.

Ultimate Ways on How to Start a Business with No Money (with Real-Life Examples):

You must have read on many other sites like WikiHow on How to start a Business, but the strategies I’m going to show now will make you think every pinching second about it. startups and big companies

Why Startups and Big Companies Fail?

First of all, it is important to discuss that whether its a Startup or a Big Company, why most of them fail. According to the IBM Institute of Business Value, which is an Indian Organizational Set up, 90% of the business startups fail in India before 5 years only. Why this happens? This happens because of the lack of potential needed to control the market. Those who are looking forward to Starting a Business must ensure that they have researched a lot about the market in which they are entering. 

Sellers look for their Profit but Not for the Customer Satisfaction:

This is true in most cases. You have to think about it differently. Let’s face it: You should not be greedy. You should provide a method to customer’s which they are not able to solve and you are involving as a helping hand. Come on-Come on: Repeat this statement once more. Understand the deep meaning!!

Make a High Skilled Profile Team:

You must be looking for your initial team members from now. They must have:

  • Potential to Work
  • High Skill
  • Willing to Do Work
  • Some aspirations in life
  • High-Performance Rate

You must look for those people who may execute your entire vision.

Business is not for Fulfilling your Desires:

I have seen a lot of people starting their business to fulfill their desires. Innovation Matters   This does not happen: Actually what happens is that they rather fail very badly. Because: It was only to fulfill their personal desires, not for the welfare of the Society. Thought Process Matter!!

Advantages of Owning a Business: Make Yourself Grow Big

architecture-buildings-business-303159 A company has no limits. Remember: “Sky is not the Limit.” Many people say that if you will see forward to big plans, you will step down further. I don’t know why people have such kind of mindset. Either way, it’s the time to discuss some of the advantages of owning a business empire: Everything Works According to You- This is true in the case of a company. You are not bound of anyone. Being the boss means that you can study and run your own strategies and develop your plans without any restriction. This is the major advantage a company owner has. High Income/Payout- If you work for a company truly with a lot of potentials, then you will surely succeed. This will ultimately result in your growing payments. This can be the fact, if your company shuts down for the one reason or the other, then you will experience a high loss. But don’t worry, reading some of my guidelines will surely make you and your company towards the miracles. Develops your Thinking Skills- This is the most important step. I’ve got to learn a lot of this thing in my past years. Business enables and encourages you to talk with other people, understand their emotions, their capabilities, their hard work, their devotion, etc. Develop Your Thinking Skills!! Ultimately, you will have a clear thinking mind!!

How one of my Substitute earned more than $30,000 in a Month?

According to my experience, I must say that business is the ultimate success. How? This achievement will make you inspire a lot:

This was an envious achievement of Haro, I will make you through this also in this Job Vs Business Guide. I think last year in the month of April, he contacted through Gmail. He wrote a superb mail asking indirectly to help him. I was very delighted to help him. But he was not exactly telling me what did he want. Finally, after a conversation of around 11 emails, he told me. You will not believe what did he say: “It has been 6 years that I have completed my graduation. I joined many companies and left all of them. 3 Months was the maximum duration I worked for a company. I’m very much in stress on what stream to select. I have been contacting a lot of people to advice me, to help me. But I’m always left alone. I tried to start a company but failed very badly.” This was the original transcript he wrote to me. I was very shocked by this. As I’m in this field, I decided to help him. And I proved this. Under my Consultation, he is now out of stress and enjoying his life with his family. And you know what, he is a doing a Transport Business and is earning around $30,000 a month. And this amount is ever-increasing.

This is really a great achievement. I hope for the best to all the readers of this post.

Time To Decide (Final Discussion): Job or Business

The Final Decision You Want!! The debate on Job Vs Business will never end. People are confused that they will not understand what Business means exactly. Do You Know: In Silicon Valley (California), it is said that if you have a business plan which can be explained clearly on one page, this means that the plan is successful. But if you have to create a whole guide to explain that plan, it will never work. That’s the spirit: The requirements for owning a Business are to be bothered the most. The paperwork is not the major requirement, the requirement is of skills. Whereas in Jobs, it is smooth going. But the major problem here is that the same thing is done every day. You have to do the same thing every day. But if you are right now doing a job and are curious about quitting it and starting a new business, then go for it. No, no… …….I’m not stopping you to leave your present work. Start the business as a side priority. It will eventually grow to a different level. But if you are on a Job and not curious about Business, then I would recommend you to give it a shot. Many great influencers have written their thoughts on starting a new business. Here are some of the Job Vs Business quotes which have been of great importance and inspiration for people: The Great Leaders and their Quotes. Here is an awesome Infographic on Job Vs Business which I created:     Job Vs Business

Here’s the Next Step…

Now I want to turn it over to you: How many of you will start to plan a Business, or continue your Job? Do you require any coaching or something else to start a Business? Or maybe you want to bring more productivity within you? Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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