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baby, it comes home very happy. It is not only the mother’s responsibility to take care of it, feed it, and take care of it. That’s why I have come up with some home remedies for you today. And I am also a mother. My baby is 14 months now. And I apply all these methods first before going medical. After that, I will go to medical or not. If this method helps you, then please comment and let me know. 

First we will know the growth and development of 0-3 month baby.

After birth – If your baby is a healthy baby, he sleeps for at least 12 hours a day. From birth to 6 months, he only gets breast milk. By the time the baby is 2-3 months old. Then he said something Parika. He opens his mouth and plays with himself. And the baby should never be put to sleep with the lights attached to our house. The baby should be put to sleep in such a light, which is not too bright.And you should breastfeed your baby every 15 minutes.

Types of baby’s problem.

1. Baby not going potty?

2. What is breast milk for babies? And is he drinking breast milk or not?

3. What should be done if the baby’s stomach is swollen? 

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