Pub 10. Poem 9. Faith Check

Faith-Check: Anchored In Faith


16th May 2024 | 7 Views

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Faith is one that heightens your stand

Drives you on your chosen path

Can you not judge and just be there?

To take it all in as it is, however

Do you believe? Do you believe? Do you believe?


Were you lost once and then found yourself?

Did you find yourself in your faith?

Stretched your arms to embrace as it all comes

Did you open your lungs to take in a deep breath?

Did you just keep on believing?


Did you frame those moments of fall?

Only to tell yourself, never again

Maybe there isn’t respite even then

But are you riding on faith as your friend?

Do you believe? Do you believe? Do you believe?


Were you afraid to hold self up?

Are you fearless now or have learnt to use your fears?

Or doing both relevantly?

Anyway how are you adding to the holistic gears?

Do you have your faith up today?


Did you pursue wisdom and making sense?

When you thought you knew nothing

Even though you knew something more

But were far away from your expressing

Did you now shed those past days?


Amid an universe of such questions and more

There is but one remains to throw at self

Did you ever stop? Gave up on face of failures?

Or did you persist? Went on looking? Dove into depth?

Did you keep on believing?


Did you finally see light at the end of the tunnel?

Did you keep on walking and walking?

Moving towards all that you want

Did your arms become your wings for flying?

Did you hold on to your faith?


Did you let your faith take charge?

Did you submit to your true self?

Did you give in to your inner you?

Did you stand up for your own urge?

Do you have faith? Do you believe? Are you living thusly?




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