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Our village

My village is very sweetWe feel that she is our own like a mother.

This is where Nightingale sings the song of the streamThe morning comes with the sound of a hen.

Farmer in his fieldWork in hands. 

There are no tractors, no machines, no facilitiesEven without all these, no one will be in trouble. 

Don’t think of the difference between rich, poor, high and lowThese are our sisters and brothers. 

When someone has a problem in the village, everyone stands upHe could not bear to see someone’s suffering. 

The words of the village people are very sweetLife is beautiful when they are around. 

The village is our clean, neat and clean environmentI am very proud of my village.

My village has given me everythingToday I feel sorry for my village identity. 

Today I am very happy about my village, my people, my environment Smile, smile.

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