Pub 8. Poem 7. As Now You Are Walking

As Now You Are Walking

10th May 2024 | 8 Views

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You are walking on your path of life

How long has it been?

Where are you coming from?

And where are you going?


Maybe it all started in a whim

Or it was looked at closely and well planned

What is that one drive that got you here?

One that you started with, and turned out constant


You were in a flow of all that happened

And once you started to

Make things happen all by yourself

As took shape the life within you


That shape was an ocean of yous

And you can swim in it as you wish

Let others dive in, as you wish

How you contain the water, as you wish


There was emptiness

A world of lifelessness

Words and actions took a hike

And the world around was hostile in so many different ways


Only friends were your own visions

They kept you sane and in sense

Prepared you for today’s walk

Empowered your lens


Then came in rain the nature’s call

The undying urge of commencing

As you have been longing for, working towards

The urge to last till you’re breathing


The cohesion was back, so was subtlety

Now with more colours of growing

You are settled with an earth full of yous

As now you are walking


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