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“Telangana Cravings”


16th October 2023 | 10 Views

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Hey Foodie!
Telangana food is famous for its traditional food your love for food will change, and you absolutely start to love
these food of Telangana where you later have your heart. You may get to surprised that most of the original hyderbadi people
have food early morning 4am and end there carvings till 2am,it's true most of the hotels and restaurants are awake from 4am to 2am.
I will share some food places in Hyderabad that surprise you.

This is not really a break fast this is pre breakfast mostly people from Hyderabad start there day by having chai (tea) and there
Love for Irani chai is something huge.
Do visit this amazing place @ 4am
Nimrah - cafe and bakery
Charminar, Hyderabad.
Make an order for - Irani chai but don't forget malai bun.
If your done it's ok but even try malai paya at HOTEL NAYAAB with beja fry with roti
I am sure you will take a breath.

Lunch - @2pm Mutton Biryani at Hotel shadab it's flavour make you order for one more handi.
Evening snack - @5pm chai with famous Osmania biscuit at Subhan Bakery nampally because without eating Osmania biscuit
and leaving Hyderabad is a sin.

Do you think that u are really done but dinner is yet to be done
Dinner - @9pm Shah Ghouse Cafe this has been a famous place in hyderabad where it is over 50 decades, in this place have kebab with rumali roti.
Desert - double ka meetha.

But my foodie friend never leave Hyderabad without having pan after dinner @ Mayur pan house nampally this has so many branches
so Google for the nearest place and visit.

Hyderabadi food make you that pakka Hyderabadi.

Charmi Kakati



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