Pub 6. For The Life's Remainder

For The Life’s Remainder

8th May 2024 | 7 Views

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In the middle of the wide open road

Empty, stranded, a profanity of nothingness

As I stretch my arms to embrace the load

Of a handful of freedom and timelessness


There’s a stormy wind with its subtle speed

Mumbling into my ears,

‘Today you are all mine indeed’

And I can now give up all fears


I have a sky full of blue and white

Crowning in its kingdom an elegant sun

I bath in all of the light

And ah! My lungs are so ready to run


Sometimes would a flock of birds fly by

Enriching the serenity with their chatters and flapping

They would call me, ‘don’t be shy,

‘Come with us, have a serious swing’


As a boy I’d think, I recall

‘I could have had a bird’s eye,

‘Tiny wetness in the skull,

‘But with feathers and wings that make me fly


For the bigger wetness that I have

Makes me ask tirelessly across days,

Why for some is negation swag?

And why would there be differences?


Then I am back to my running

With my teary eyes I try to see

Ahead as far as I could be eyeing

A waterfall guarded by rocks and hills


Sweaty, grasping, I stop for a breather

And am stunned for all that I see

Undying treasures of nature

For my life’s remainder, is this where I want to be?

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