Pub 4. For A Journey Of Success And Sustenance

For A Journey Of Success And Sustenance


6th May 2024 | 9 Views

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If a series of attempts have failed

In it all you get yourself self-sharpened

Endorsing the natural evergrowing aspect


There were losses and wins and glimpses of grand

Beauties you cherished and the dirts you banned

That is how you do land


Now you’re back with your own relatability

Which is your true brand

Your own ocean amid the horizon of sand


Always wanting to grow and be more

Till the mortality permits

And the torso goes sore


So you’re into living up and giving high

With the clock wielding the soul unending

And see that your plants don’t get dry

It’s a royal living, unmoved and shining


You start your giving before hitting the red

You don’t stop but just keep walking ahead

Slowly and steadily building your bed

On which you will finally rest


Seeing the muchness you can and the muchness you can’t

While you enjoy the first,

For the second you can’t remain stunned


Thus, do you keep on building your bricks

Gather back pieces as much as you can

Fit them into the newfound bliss

And just carry on and on and on


With your eyes in front

Live up to your want

Do not roar

Let your words and actions score

From your core

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