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Are You a Victim of Stalking? Take These Actions Now!

5th May 2024 | 7 Views

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Stalking is a very unpleasant and dangerous behavior faced by many. Sometimes it’s not easy to identify #stalking and people tend to dismiss initial signs of stalking as mere co-incidences. But then you start seeing multiple #patterns of the same dangerously #obsessive behavior and realize that you are getting targeted.

Anyone can be a #victim of stalking. It doesn’t matter if you are single or not, an extrovert or not, socialize or not. The stalker can be someone known to you or a complete stranger who happens to know you. But frequently, the #perpetrator is someone known to the victim.

How to identify stalkers

  • If any of your not-so-close friends, colleagues, acquaintances are overtly interested in you, contacts you frequently on some pretext, even though you don’t show any interest in them, it’s time to take notice and express your disinterest very clearly.
  • If your #indifference doesn’t deter the person and then you keep running into them at all kinds of odd places, that’s when the #unwanted crush stage has progressed into an #obsession. There are chances that they have known from beforehand that you will be there, or worse, they #followed you.
  • If you suddenly get multiple invites from unknown accounts on social media, it might be your potential stalker trying to follow you through multiple accounts.
  • There can be many other signs that someone you know is stalking you. However, if a complete stranger is following you, it’s difficult to identify it easily unless you have a very trained eye. But always trust your instincts.

What actions to take?

  • If the stalking is a mild one like sending frequent messages, phone calls or other forms of contact, you can start by never responding and then #blocking their number, email and social media accounts.
  • If they #confront you about it, just feign ignorance and tell them that you’ve been busy, anything that will appear harmless and yet dismissive. Make it very clear that you are not interested in hearing from them.
  • If they become #hostile or if they start physically stalking you, it becomes a bigger concern. The first thing to do is gather all the #evidence you have and keep them safe, for future leverage.
  • Take a close friend into confidence, also keep your family informed as its very important they don’t unwittingly give out any information about you in case your stalker approaches them as your friend.
  • Sometimes, the stalker might play games by turning the tables on you, he/she might fabricate stories to common friends that you have been stalking him/her. That way, your reputation gets tarnished before you can expose them. In such cases, expose that person to your friends before they get manipulated.
  • If you are facing constant fear about your safety, then it’s time to go to the cops with all the evidence. Give detailed statements and take a close friend as your witness. Often, police complaints will induce fear in your stalker, and they may stop immediately.
  • However, if all these steps don’t work and the stalker is actively messing with your life or threatening you, put a #lawsuit and get a #restraining order against your stalker. This will officially criminalize them and also safeguard you from various angles and future damages.

It is not easy to handle the #emotional torture of stalking, not only does it eat up your confidence, but also makes you #paranoid, turns you into a different person. Don’t let a #psychopath turn you into a psychological mess, take action quickly so that you can take back control of your life.

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