Pub 2. Joyous Liberation

Joyous Liberation


30th April 2024 | 4 Views

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This is the story of a big green field

Uncountable grasses flaunting their blades

Every now and then stroked by the wind

You’d want to give in to its unendingness


A bit of dirt and some parts of grassless grounds

Here and there are bits of bushes and a few trees

A world of the meadow covered in clouds

A loud city around its border silently sees


All are welcome from the ants to the antelopes

Already in site are cows and goats with their families

Don’t forget the bees and flies and birds and blokes

And a newly made Romeo-Juliet in their youth-est breeze


Young lads bunking college in tunes

A picnic party between office colleagues

Kids from schools with balls and balloons

Men and women with sales-full shoutings


Oh and did I tell you about stories?

From general conversations to actual scripts

Smartphones and cameras picking up reels

And so much more of human activities


Poems and songs and even guitar-play

Under the sky and expression is the way

Some get published and released

Others locked out of will and into the wind


Memories are made and captured in frames

One may go nuts and nobody complains

Another may just remain still with thoughts and a gaze

Everyone is welcome in this place


You may want to visit to get your soul healed

Maybe recite or sing as nature’s wonders are revealed

It is a carnival of life where time gets stilled

This is the story of a big green field

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