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How can I earn through Blog ?

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There are many websites and platforms where you can write a blog and earn money. Some popular options include:

Medium: A popular blogging platform where you can write on a wide range of topics and potentially earn money through the Medium Partner Program.

Substack: A platform that allows you to create a newsletter and earn money through paid subscriptions and sponsorships.

WordPress: A popular blogging platform that allows you to create a blog and earn money through advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

Blogger: A free blog-publishing service owned by Google that allows you to earn money through advertising and affiliate marketing.

Patreon: A platform where you can create a page for your blog and earn money through recurring payments from supporters.

It’s worth noting that earning money through blogging can take time and effort, as you’ll need to build an audience and create high-quality content. Additionally, most of these platforms will require you to comply with their terms of service and may take a cut of your earnings.

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