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Memories of My High School Life


16th October 2023 | 25 Views

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          Yesterday, I had written about my first day experience in my high school. Today I will write about my experiences and some memories which I can never forget in my whole life.

          As you all know the first impression is the last impression, thats like my first impression on my school was also very good. Beacause if a school can attract students towards itself, then there is nothing greater in the world than that. After the good experience on the first day, I went to my schol every day. And my school life was going well.

        All the teachers were teaching us very well and they were also used to tell us various types of motivational stories to become a good human being in our life. We all students were happily studying in our school. Except for some of the teachers, none of the other teacher was beating the students. One of them was our maths teacher. He used to beat us almost in every class. Apart from this he also loves us very much. Even now he is very happy when he sees us and asks us about our health and our study. We can never get teachers like our school teachers again. Because they not only care about out studies, they also care about our healths too.


          Apart from the study our school also focuses on the extracuricular activities like sports, gardening, debate competetion, song competetion, and other cultural programs. In our time we had also participated in all types of competetions. We had also won many prizes in the Parrade competeions for our school. Our teachers were also encouraged us for gardening works and cleaning of the school premises. Because he always says you need to know the other extracurricular activities in your life along with the education.

                Even today, I can’t believe how quickly my high school life ended and I passed the matriculation exam. Really when I remember those days my eyes fills with tear. There are many memories in a persons life but I can strongly say that the high school life memory is always the best memory among all.  Because in that time we had learnt many things which helped us in our life.

                No matter how much I write for my school, it will be less. At last I just want to say that ‘School Is A Man Making Factory”. That’s why we should always respect and love our school from the bottom of our heart.

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