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A story about the entanglements between the heroine Yan Dan, Ying Yuan .

Yan Dan and her twin sister Zhi Xi were rare four-leaf hanli twin lotus blossom, a relic of the ancients. Their bodies has been a treasure of medicinal cures since ancient times. Yan Dan and  Zhi Xi transformed into human form during the Jade Pool festival of the Supreme Emperor. Then a sudden attack of demon clan tried to kidnap the lotus twins for their Emperor, to increase his Immortal powers. They were stopped by a powerful Lord Ying Yuan who the gives the lotus twins their names. The twin lotus sisters grew up very differently. Zhi Xi is always trying to better herself & elevate her status whereas Yan-Dan is not interested in cultivation or raising her status. She leaves it up to her sister to do it. Yan Dan loves to write plays, relax, & enjoy a care-free life. https://amzn.eu/d/2tUQsbC

Time goes on and Zhi Xi became assistant Curator at the Palace of Magical Pavilion. Yan Dan was assigned to the Pavilion of Books, where she was writing a play about the War of Genesis Heroes, a war against Demons won by the collaboration of many mystical magical tribes. Many fought bravely & died during the war. One, in particular, had been forgotten & who contributed greatly to the war effort, the Nine Fin Tribe. Nine Fins descendant Yu Mo, from ancient times, was saved by Celestial Deity Bei-Ming who helped him attain human form through cultivation. He became the friend of Yan Dan & helped her with her play. While writing the play, Yan Dan noticed someone kept flipping the Divine turtle onto his back & she was determined to find out who is the culprit . She was unsuccessful, even though she tried many times & set many traps.

Yan Dan always helps Celestial Deity Bei Ming, who was always kind to her They used to solve many weiqi problems sent by Lord Ying Yuan. She was re-assigned to Yan Xu Heavenly Palace by Lord Ying Yuan to become his Immortal attendant, because of her expertise in weiqi. He realized Yan-Dan’s potential & decided to train her. He noted she is a quick & clever learner, but uninspired & lazy. He would punish her for any infractions, no matter how minor, by having her copy the heavenly scriptures numerous times. She felt like he was torturing her & complained constantly. She ran away from Yan-Xu Heavenly Palace to an abandon place where she accidentally discovered demon spies. With help from Lord Ying-Yuan, the demon spies were vanquished.

Eventually, war between the Immortals & the Demons broke out. The Immortal army was commanded by the 3 Sovereign Lords, the Primordial Heavenly Emperor, Star Deity Huan Qin, & Celestial Deity Bei Ming led by Lord Ying Yuan. Demons were using demon serpent Wu Wang to try to destroy the pillars of Heaven. Yan Dan, Yu Mo, & Li Mu(Yan Dan’s friend) were in the palace of the main pillar of Heaven & saw it was crumbling. Yan Dan used her Immortal powers to shore up the pillar with the help of Yu Mo & Li Mu. Lord Ying Yuan & Star Deity Huan Qin fought Wu Wang to stop it from destroying the pillars. During the battle, most of the leaders were killed, but the war was won, at great loss, & peace was restored to the Heavenly Realm. Celestial Deity Bei Ming was bought back to his palace & was in great pain. Heavenly healers were unable to cure him. Yan Dan & Yu Mo were by his side to try & comfort him in his pain. His Immortal spirit was damaged & shattered beyond repair. Yan Dan used her lotus powers to bring him out of his delirium & calm him to a lucid state of mind. Yu Mo was Bei Ming’s disciple. Bei Ming had used his magical Artifact to save Yu Mo as a promise to the Nine Fin tribe who he was great friends with. Yu Mo & Yan Dan were able to bid Bei Ming a tearful goodbye before he passed away. Lord Ying Yuan was blinded & poisoned by the flame of Wu Wang during the fight. The flame poison would make him go crazy. The only cure was the heart of a Four-leaf lotus. Lord Ying Yuan refused to risk the life of the twin lotus sisters to save himself. He was ashamed of the great loss of his companions & other heavenly soldiers. He left in despair, went to the Land under the Horizon & chained himself to the sacred tree, to await death.

Yan Dan was told Lord Ying Yuan was traveling in the mortal world to recuperate. She accidentally came upon where Lord Ying Yuan had chained himself to the sacred tree. She changed her voice, for fear he wouldn’t speak to her, to talk to him to find out what had happened. She became very upset & sad on seeing his condition. She decided to find a cure for him, take care of him, & ease his pain. He realized, even though he was blind, it was Yan-Dan helping him. He kept pushing her away, but she refused to leave. Yan Dan created a cottage next to the sacred tree, unchained Lord Ying Yuan from the tree, & treated him with her lotus breath in the cottage which helped to alleviate the effects of the flame poison. He carved her a lotus blossom incense burner from agarwood. She, inadvertently, found out the cure for the flame poison. Using the Lucid Dream butterfly, Yan Dan saw how much Lord Ying Yuan was in love with her & she with him. She used half of her heart to cure Lord Ying Yuan, because she couldn’t bear to see him suffer in pain or die from the flame poison.

After Lord Ying Yuan was cured, he was returned to Yan Xu Heavenly palace. When he awoke, he saw Yan Dan next to him. After some time when Lord Ying Yuan became the Heaven Emperor he made Yan Dan his empress.





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