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How I Started Writing On Milyin

16th October 2023 | 287 Views

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Every person in the world want to do something in their life to earn some amount of money in this digital world before getting a good job. And I am also one of them. I am writing my story why, I had started writing on Milyin.

        After completing my graduation I was preparing to get a good job. But apart from that I also need some money for my daily expenditure. As I am from a middle class family, my father has a limited source of income and my mother is a housewife. Thats why I started searching some online works like bog writing, content writing etc on the internet from which I can easily get some money for my expenditure. But after searching alot I didn’t got any site from which I will get some money for my writings. All those sites were also not looking easier for me beacuse I am from a non-technical background.

       Firstly I was using Blogger.com to write my blogs. It looks easier one but I didn’t know the perfect use of adsense in blogger. So I stopped using that site. But one day I randomly saw Milyin site on the internet which clearly mentioned that you can generate your revenue from the first day of your writing. Then I read the uses, terms and conditions of Milyin. After reading its uses and the terms & conditions of this writing platform, I had deceided to write on Milyin. This site also looks too much easier for me than the other writing platforms. Because its interface is very user friendly. And the most important thing is it has already linked with adsense. So the main duty of a writer is to write on this platform only. So it is very easy to use not only for me but also for everyone.

      As this is a new site some problems also occured sometime but the admin of this resolves the problem very quicky. My passion of writing pulled me here as this is a very user friendly platform for all writers. Now I am writing my blogs here regularly and I had also earned money from this site. So If you have really a passion for writing then you can write here without any doubt. Because Milyin itself says “It’s The Passion That Matters”

The benifits of writing on milyin :-

  1. User Friendly Interface
  2. Easy To Use its features
  3. You Can Chat With The Admin About Problems Directly
  4. No Tension Of Adsense Linking
  5. The Most Important Benifit Is “You Can Earn From The First Day” 

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  1. Aditya Milyin

    Hi there,

    Aditya Agarwal this side, I am an administrator at Milyin. Super happy to know that you are enjoying writing on Milyin. We had clearly been targetting users like you and your Creation makes me believe that we are on the right track in helping people feel represented on the internet and pursue Content Creation as a career with ease.

    As a co-founder, I can’t tell how much happy I am to read this. Do let us know any scope of improvement, recommendations, or any other advice, that can make this an even greater platform.