Pub 1. The Cycle Of Us

The Cycle Of Us

29th April 2024 | 9 Views

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Upon the scales of life

When we take the center stage

In the flow that we dive

As we face a praise and rage


We drink and dine to wish the best

We fall and rise through the wind of change

Proceeding with a puffed chest

As we choose wings and cage


To suffice the course of the given life

We search and show the light on ways

For an unseen end to feed our drive

We march in the glow of desired blaze


Sometimes we find, some other – we fail

Amid all laughs and cries and nights and days

We pray for the next will not derail

Then have next day to make our case


Wars are there, so is injustice

Misconduct, discrimination, unfairness

Complete elimination of people and properties

We raise our voice, in vain, in success


We lead ourselves, we lead others

Solve some puzzles and open up mazes

Some fly around the world, else remain in corners

All of us are in pursuit of relevant newness


There is darkness, there is light

There is a will and there are ways

We hold on to us with our might

And through our duties do we pass our phase


Who are we? What’s this mass?

Where are we going from our base?

Dear Reader, are you one of us?

How are you doing these days? : )

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