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9 BEST Website to App Converters – Android/iOS


9th June 2024 | 8 Views

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I know the feeling! Need an app but don’t have the funds to get it developed? Fortunately, modern website-to-app converters can easily help build quality apps. I struggled to seek a website to app converter that consistently garners positive user reviews through frequent updates.

But don’t worry. My meticulous research will help you select the best website to app converter for your needs. Read till the end to discover the subtle, nuanced factors critical for choosing the ideal website-to-app converter.

The Best converters of websites to apps include Appypie, Appilix, Natively, Median, etc. These user-friendly converters provide seamless integration with web technologies and manageable development costs.

NameCustomer Base
(till May 2024)
Paid Apps Published
(till May 2024)
Version RequirementsLink
Appy Pie1M+1k+Android 7.0 or iOS 13.0 Appy Pie
MobiLoud1M+2k+Android 4.4 (KitKat) & iOS 11.0MobiLoud
Appilix100k+10k+Android 7.0 or iOS 13.0Appilix
Natively1M+800+Android 9.0 & iOS 13.0Natively
Median1M+4k+Android 8.1 or iOS 12.5Median

My Recommendation

I recommend Appy Pie as the top website-to-app converter. It supports app generation across various niches and offers extensive customization and templates. A few things to love about it include versatile add-ons and reputable customer service, making it a reliable all-rounder for any use case.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is the best website to app converter for creating niche-specific apps. I’ve found the pre-designed templates and add-on features plentiful for general purposes.

As someone who loves to play around with the UI, I love their drag-and-drop builder. It is ideal for use cases such as e-commerce and restaurant management, audio-playing apps, etc. You’ll love it too!

This web to app converter synchronizes website updates with the mobile apps instantly. Its compatibility with iOS and Android platforms promises a large customer base for you. You can cultivate customer loyalty for your app, by providing special discounts, rewards, and other incentives.

Some of the main features of Appy Pie are:

  • Payment Services: It enables integration with payment services such as PayPal, Expensify, and Revolut for in-app purchases.
  • Offline Access: Your users can access some content in the app without an internet connection.
  • Build: It lets you build various functionalities and implement customizations using its built-in array of over 200 features.
  • Contact Features: Contact features such as one-touch calling and a contact page facilitate seamless user communication.
  • Push Notifications: App owners can send notifications to the customers, keeping them informed on updates and promotions.
  • Customer Care: 24/7 customer care can immediately address your difficulties with FAQs, video lessons, live chat, and call support.
You can stay connected with customers 24/7 using contact features.The converted app may not match custom-built quality.
It has a pre-existing customer base of over 10 million. 
Users can create mobile apps without writing any code. 

Appy Pie is available via the following pricing options:

VariantPlatforms SupportedPush Notifications countPrice
BasicAndroid500 / month$16 / month
GoldAndroid1000 / month$36 / month
PlatinumAndroid & iOS2000 / month$60 / month


MobiLoud is the best web to app converter for converting WordPress websites into native Android and iOS apps. During my usage, I really liked their free online consultations that help align expectations and take all the doubts before hand.

I like how any website (including WordPress sites) can be converted into native mobile apps without extra coding or development. Automatic content is a life saver! It syncs my app with the website’s latest uploads.

It provides dedicated maintenance services to app owners, such as regular updates, bug patches, and technical advice. The apps packaged by this web to app converter cache content locally on users’ devices, enabling offline access. Its assistance eased the process of app submission in stores.

MobiLoud will provide you features like:

  • Shopify Integration: MobiLoud allows you to integrate your app with Shopify. You can use e-commerce to expose its features to millions of customers while conforming to the guidelines.
  • Monetization Options: App owners like you have the option of monetizing their apps through in-app advertisements or subscription models. These allow you to earn money while increasing your return on investment.
  • Analytics: Data is the new gold. Build-in analytics and data-driven insights help analyze app performance and user engagement through reports and dashboards. 
  • Student Acquisition: You can transform your online courses into interactive apps, creating new student acquisition channels.
I love their publishing services for submitting apps to Apple and Google Play stores.Platforms such as Windows and Blackberry are not supported.
Extensive customization options are provided for layout, design, functionality, and branding. 
Enables Push Notifications for interacting with customers. 

Pricing options include:

VariantProfessional Plan PriceGrowth Plan PriceCorporate Plan Price
Annual$170 / month$457 / month$850 / month 


Appilix is best for converting websites with quick data transfers into lightweight native Android and iOS apps. You’d be surprised to know that they have benefited over 10 million businesses worldwide. Why businesses love it? Well, they offer layout, branding, design, and functionality customization to attune your app to your needs.

This #WebToAppConverter enables camera, location, and microphone integration into your application. It diversifies your apps to deliver a rich experience to the user. Their app convertor is mighty quick! In my experience, their claim of converting a website to an app in under 5 minutes holds up. Though, I will be honest, their data analysis features were a disappointment.

With Appilix, you get the following features:

  • Customizable Splash Screen: You can make a memorable first impression by adding a unique background and logo to your app’s splash screen.
  • Resource Caching: This feature enhances user experience with lightning-fast discovery and rapid content access.
  • Dynamic Navigation Drawer:  The navigation drawer allows quick access to menus and key sections to provide a seamless experience.
  • Push Notifications: Keep app users engaged with push notifications sent by the Appilix Control Panel integrated with Firebase.
  • Revenue Generation: Cha-ching! You can even boost your revenue by integrating Admob to display ads for maximum monetization.
It can develop native mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.Targeted notifications to specified subscriber groups cannot be sent.
Their social media integration is a stroke of genius. 
It offers offline access and automatic content syncing. 

Some of the main pricing options for Applix include:

Lifetime $29$48


Natively is the best web to app converter for converting Shopify websites into native Android and iOS mobile applications. I love that I can fully customize my app and showcase my brand on a leading e-commerce platform. In addition, the 800 apps are really amazing and I loved them!

The converted Android and iOS app can also work offline, displaying previously loaded content. You can generate app previews to demonstrate the features and functionalities to customers. Push notifications allow you to easily engage with your userbase.

Natively offers:

  • Haptic Feedback: This feature employs haptics to engage users’ sense of touch, creating a physical-world sensation for your app.
  • Bubble Plugin: Websites built with the highly customizable bubble platform can be converted into native mobile apps.
  • Unlimited Rebuilds: You can modify your web app and subsequently rebuild your native app without incurring additional expenses.
  • Health Kit: It offers health and fitness insights while ensuring that your privacy is protected.
  • Geolocation: You can access customer locations and enable map functionality in your app.
Earn commissions through personal referral links promoting the tool.The content synchronization between the website and the app may be slow. 
Its no-code development meets high demand in fast markets. 
This tool constructs e-commerce apps across diverse professional disciplines.  

Here are some of their main pricing options:

VariantStartup Plan PriceBusiness Plan PriceCustom Plan Price
Monthly$39$49 Negotiable
Yearly$26 / month$32 / monthNegotiable


Founded in 2014, Median is among the best web to app converter for transforming versatile websites into native apps with multiple plugins. In my experience, their low-code app converter used by millions of customers, actually delivers on its hype. Overall, it powers 1K+ iOS and Android apps and is a top market choice.

This #websitetoappconverter tool includes cloud-based simulators on which you can execute the offered demo apps. You know what’s even better? It lets you preview and test the apps in simulators before release. 

Main Features of Median include:

  • JavaScript Bridge: This API lets you add versatile native app features and access device hardware without writing native code.
  • Scanner: This tool allows users to scan and digitize documents directly within their app using Optical Character Recognition technology.
  • Customer Support: FAQs, emails, and documentation are available 24/7 to address your difficulties.
  • Zoom Plugin: This feature embeds a zoom video interface within your interface and guarantees seamless video conferencing.
  • Simplify payment form completion by reading any credit card with the device camera and machine vision.
You can add social media authentication using the supported social plugin.The limited monetization options may limit revenue potential.
Median promotes data security by integrating your app with Microsoft Intune. 
It enables seamless sharing of content from other apps directly with itself. 

You can choose from the below mentioned licensing options:

VariantLicense PricePlugins Starting PriceUpdates Subscription Price
Self – Service$790$200 $229 / year
Full – Service – Assisted$2,590$200$490 / year
Full – Service Concierge$6,590$200$490 / year

Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova should be your go to for converting websites into apps with particular and concentrated functionalities. This web to app converter is popular for developing native mobile applications and customizing UI with languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Personally, I found it useful since it saved me the hassle of learning iOS development via Swift.

Websites can be converted into apps for  iOS, Android, and Windows platforms using Cordova. It has a huge developer and contributor base. I was able to easily acquire a variety of plugins and tools to enhance the capabilities of my app.

You get the below mentioned features:

  • Background Location: You can obtain customer locations and activate map capabilities in your app.
  • Open Source:  Anyone is able to modify, extend, and utilize the framework for free. Developers can contribute to the project and benefit from the community’s continuous updates.
  • Command Line Interface: This tool lets you build apps for different platforms and test and debug them with an emulator.
  • Access to Native Device API: Users can use plugins to access device hardware such as cameras, accelerometers, and GPS. This allows them to deliver rich mobile experiences.
  • Security: Cordova apps adhere to HTTPS for secure communication and the Content Security Policy (CSP) to protect against XSS attacks. Developers can also incorporate extra security measures.
The vibrant community and ecosystem provide additional resources and plugins for use.Web developers may face a steep learning curve when using this tool.
Cordova apps can be deployed to Apple, Google Play, and Microsoft stores. 
Cordova can work offline by caching resources locally on the device. 

It is lifetime free to use.


AppMySite helps in transforming nascent and evolving websites into native mobile applications. The collection of add-on features flexibly addresses additional business demands. Delightfully, the free trial lets you evaluate the platform and its benefits before subscribing.

Trusted by over 2 million customers and 10+ leading brands, AppMySite is an excellent solution for DIY developers. The converted iOS and Android apps can deliver push alerts and form instant connections. It supports the addition of blogs that help keep users interested in relevant information.

This Website to App Convertor offers:

  • WooCommerce Integration: Deep WooCommerce integration allows capabilities like sorting & filtering, product listing, and more to boost sales.
  • App Icon: AppMySite lets you customize your app icon to match your brand theme.
  • Customer Support: Your issues can be resolved right away via 24/7 customer service through call assistance and emails.
  • Live Preview: The preview pane allows you to view changes you make to the app design in real-time.
  • Localized Language Support: Leverage the language assistance tool to communicate with your audience in their native language.
Users can access app content even without an internet connection.Personalized support for app development is not provided.
Built-in analytics can be used to track app performance. 
Monetization options like advertisements are available. 

AppMySite is available in these pricing options:

VariantStarter Plan PricePro Plan PricePremium Plan Price
Yearly$199 / month$299 / month$499 / month


Webtonative is the best cost-effective web to app converter for websites with minimal feature requirements. The user-friendly interface features an eye-catching icon when the app is offline.

One thing to know about me is that I like add-ons and plugins. Its impressive add-on features and easy plugin integrations have attracted over a million customers and several top brands. 

Firebase analytics lets me accurately assess the converted app’s performance and refine it accordingly. The push notifications can be sent to customers to keep them informed about updates and promotions. You can use in-app purchase APIs to sell digital goods within your Android or iOS applications.

WebToNative offers features such as:

  • Biometric Authentication: This functionality adds degree of protection by utilizing features such as Touch ID.
  • Media Player: You can add media player capabilities with controls for Play/Pause/Stop displayed in the notification panel.
  • HUAWEI Services:  Extensive support for publishing your app to the HUAWEI App Gallery is promised through this feature.
  • Facebook Events: This tool lets you collect metrics, track Facebook Ad performance, and create audiences for targeted ads.
  • Lottie Animation: Visually appealing animations can be incorporated without compromising performance to increase user interest.
  • Customer Support: 24/7 customer support can immediately address your difficulties with FAQs, emails, call support, and live chat.
You can catch up on updates by reviewing past notifications.A complexly animated website may not translate well into the app format.
App shortcuts enable quick access to specific functions through customized links. 
Freely customize the “No Internet” screen for an intuitive experience during connectivity changes. 

It offers a one-time pricing plan:

VariantAndroid Version PriceIOS Version PriceCombined Version Price


Twinr is the best #WebToAppConverter for transforming websites integrated with a multitude of platforms. In my opinion, its USP is the native support for nav bars. The top navigation bar, a bottom tab bar, or a side menu element to navigate the app. This converter guarantees 100% app acceptance by the Google Play Store and Apple Store, offering a refund if not approved.

This tool provides 1400+ customized typefaces, supports 136+ languages, and offers auto-translation. The built-in analytics review app performance, revenue, user acquisition, and retention rates. The Deeplink feature lets me direct users to the app instead of a web browser.

With Twinr, you get:

  • Build Preview: This feature lets users preview their app in real time, streamlining testing, enhancing design, and improving functionality and user experience.
  • Push Notifications: Twinr allows scheduled, targeted, and event-based push notifications to boost user engagement.
  • App Revenue: Supports Google AdMob for simple app monetization via banners, interstitials, and app-open advertisements.
  • Notification Analysis:  Track metrics such as impressions, clicks, and opt-in rate to optimize your push notification campaigns.
  • Onboarding: App onboarding guides users with a series of displays, introducing key features and functions.
Offline Mode lets users access app content without an internet connection.In specific instances, users have noted shortcomings in data security.
Easily refresh content with the pull-to-refresh feature. 
Notify users about product updates with back-in stock and low-stock alerts. 

The pricing plans offered by Twinr are:

VariantBasic Plan PriceStandard Plan PricePremium Plan Price
Yearly$19 / month$69 / month$119 / month


What are the system requirements for downloading the converted mobile apps?

The minimum requirements for mobile processors are Snapdragon 680 4G or better. Both Android and iOS apps need at least 8 GB of RAM, with 16 GB preferred. For storage, 1 TB or more is ideal.


Do the converters support responsive design and adapt to various screen sizes?

Web-to-app converters are designed to work seamlessly with platforms like Android and iOS. The converters recommended above support responsive design and can adapt to different screen sizes.


How long does it take to convert a website to a mobile app?

It depends on the platform and the features you want in your app. Simple apps with basic features can be generated in minutes, while more complex apps with custom coding might take weeks or even months.


We addressed the essential aspects to look for when choosing the best web to app converter. I have suggested the best converters based on features, device hardware access, and technical requirements. Here is a summary of the best features of each web to app converter to assist the client. 

Best ForBest Web to App Converters
Best for generating niche-specific apps.Appy Pie
Best for transforming versatile websites.Twinr / Median
Best for transforming e-commerce websites.Natively
Best for transforming WordPress websites.MobiLoud

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