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Living In The Present


16th October 2023 | 15 Views

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       Life is so simple and very beautiful. But instead of living that life we are making our life more complicated. And in this process we are loosing our present life which will never come back again.

       Life is a precious gift given By the God. Thats why we all say health is wealth. But what we are doing now. To live a better and luxurious life we are loosing our present. From a child to an old man we all are busy for our future. Firstly to make our child’s better future we are destroying his/her childhood life which will never come again in his/her whole life. And in our young age we are also thinking about our future’s luxurious life. We are only thinking about our future but not living our present life.

       We are too much worried about “What will happen next”. Though future is also important for our life but we have to work in the present. So why we can’t be happy with the present. If we are doing all of our works in the present then why this much worried about the future. If anything good will happen in our future then it will be good for us and if anything bad will happen in the future then bad will happen.

      None of us have never seen the future. Do we know what will happen in the next minute. I will strongly say no. So don’t think too much about the future. If I am doing my present work good then future will give us good in return. If I am a poor man, then I have to work hard to live my present life which will make myself happy. If I have a small house then I have to think that atleast I have a house because homeless people are also living their life. Whatever may be the condition of myself, but happier life is better than futuristic life.

     Future can’t make us happy because we have never seen that. Future depends on the mind but happiness comes from the heart. Thinking too much about future is destroying our present. So it’s better to live in present.

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