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4 Ways How Amazon Fools Online Shoppers


26th April 2024 | 12 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: This article describes my personal experiences with Amazon shopping and does not mean to defame the company or its practices.

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Amazon has become an indispensible tool for many #online buyers over the past decade. It saves a huge amount of time and energy by not having to go for actual #shopping. Buyers are not restricted by only the brands available in local shops. The benefits are countless. But what goes undiscussed is how these big giants are often able to cheat customers and easily get away with it.

Huge discounts for poor quality

Many #products even from reputed brands turn out to be of inferior quality. They come damaged upon arrival or might stop working exactly after the return or replacement window closes. Is it the seller’s fault? But those #sellers are selling through this great platform called #Amazon. So it’s Amazon’s moral responsibility to ensure quality check. If they did, then frustrated customers wouldn’t have to wait for days to get their order, only to discover a #faulty item and then wait for Amazon to pick up the return. After 1 or 2 returns, the buyer gives up and accepts the item with minor faults, it’s easier that way. All that hassle is not worth the #discount!

No penalty for bad sellers

That brings us to the next point, why does Amazon never punish consistently bad sellers? Hundreds of sellers have 30% or less positive reviews, and yet continue to sell on Amazon! Many inexperienced buyers will only read product #feedback but not the #seller feedback, so they end up buying from sellers with no #ethics and undergo the endless hassle. Not to mention, many sellers bribe customers with petty gift cards in return for a good #review. I have seen customers complaining about this openly in their reviews. Why doesn’t Amazon simply ban such sellers?

Product reviews are rejected and never published

I have personally tried to post product reviews on many occasions, sometimes with photographic proofs. But they got rejected everytime because Amazon decided that a faulty product is a problem with the seller. So I’m directed to leave seller feedback instead, knowing fully well that most people hardly bother to click on the seller’s profile. Does Amazon wants to discourage negative reviews even when they are genuine?

Selling not returnable items

Many sellers don’t offer any #return or #replacement policy on purchased #merchandise even if they are faulty on arrival. Such items are perhaps recommended only for the rich who would be okay to have their money getting wasted. It’s of course a much bigger problem that our #trading rules aren’t strict enough to force sellers and platforms to have #accountability.

As a frustrated customer, one can go on and on about the many falterings of Amazon. Yet we continue buying from such platforms. Perhaps because some of us might be staying far from shopping markets, or having a very demanding job with no time to spare on weekly physical shopping.

The logistical benefits of Amazon are great. If only they paid heed to feedbacks and actually cared about their customer experiences, it would make life so much easier for the ever suffering consumers. What are your experiences? Have you faced any such situation with Amazon?

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