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Tips for scoring good marks #1


16th October 2023 | 13 Views

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BOOKS….. Books….. books…..

Here are some tips according to this particular situation:-

✨When you know the method but you feel it’s hard to implement✨

• People say and give a lot advice about scoring marks, getting first in the class or college, studying better than before,etc….. But have you ever thought that you knew the study method but it’s hard to implement it? If you ask me I would say “Yes! I have” positively….. I felt the hardest thing to do is implementing but I realised that there’s a lot more than that and went on a journey to search solutions….. It was tiring at first when I found the solutions but later I started to get on the groove….. Let’s not waste time and get to the solutions:-

  1. Set a goal to study everyday for at least 5 minutes
  2. Love only books, books and also books
  3. Learn to understand don’t memorize
  4. Meditation
  5. Study with instrumental music
  6. Close your eyes every 5 minutes after an half an hour study
  7. Read a page faster
  8. Don’t distract
  9. Remember that “Nothing’s Impossible”
  10. Do what you love as a reward

I know it’s hard to implement the above but why not set a goal? See, if you are not able to complete the goal give yourself a hard punishment….. Sounds ackward? I know it might but you can never drive in ten paths at a time….. Hey there! Don’t forget to comment your queries am always available for help….. Hope to see you soon ^•o•^!

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