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Do You Have Bend Spine?—

26th April 2024 | 8 Views

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I had lot of pain my lower back.I went to Doctor to get medicine for my ailment.Dr said”madam you have been keeping bad #posture.You don’t stand up right straight.You #bend forward and then try to stand.Please do exercise to keep your self absolute #straight.”

I laughed and at the same time I cried also at my self.This Dr . is first person in my life who is saying madam please #do not bend.I distinctly remember when I got married  my aunt,grand mother and my mother advised me not to get in arguments with any one at your #in laws house.My granny said”there is no harm if you have to bend your #uprightness.This #adjusting(bending) nature of woman helps her a lot in every odd situation.”

She further said”woman’s #bending capacity make her whole family remain intact.She is able to get respect in her family.She is able to nurture her #relationship well.”

I said to my self”how much I have #bent my self from childhood on wards.All my dreams have  shattered.In this slow #bending process. I have created so much #vacuum in my life.There is a# big gap between my wanted and unwanted wishes.My mind and my wishes both are #empty.”

I further asked my self a big question.Does woman has spine or #vertebrate columns.?I am confused what respected Doctor said.

This little article is dedicated to all# home makers who #bend their needs,aspirations and #dreams to covert house to home and raise #beautiful family with their hard work and #bending capacity at every front of life.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK



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