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Let Me Go -Please Do Not Miss Me.

26th April 2024 | 13 Views

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 MY cousin Asha live in foreign country.Her parents used to live in India.Asha will call her parents every month.With time Asha became busy with her in laws family and children.She used to call her parents on phone after two months.

One Sunday Asha called her parents on phone.It so happened her #mother picked the phone.Up to Asha’s surprise her mother was in totally different #mood.Asha was confused to hear what her mother was talking on phone.

Asha’s Mother said”Dear Asha I have come to #end of my life journey road.I am so happy you are doing well in your life.Please keep working hard #honestly“.

Asha “What are you saying mom.Why are you so different today”.

Mother said”My life sun is going to #set very soon.Please stop worrying about me.Please do not #remember me very often.I know you are missing me.I request you please do not #gloom when I leave this world.Rather feel happy a noble soul is #set free.Remember the #love and heart to heart talks we shared with each other.”

Asha said “mom you are in my heart and even though you are so far from me ,but you are there every #moment  with me”

Mother said”My child you know that this #last journey I have to take #alone.”

She further said”Dear Asha take care of your family.When you feel #lonely and #sick at heart.Please visit to dear friends who know me and share all lovely #memories of things we used t do as mother daughter duo.Please do not miss me.In doing so you will not let me go #peacefully“.

It was time for Asha to make preparation to go to school.Alarm bell was ringing. Asha Woke up.At the same time a phone call came from India “Mother is #no more!. She is set for her #last journey”.

Asha’s ear could not believe her ears.Echos  of her words in her dream” #Miss me not my child.Let me go #peacefully home.”

Moral-Every person life journey is full of ups and down.Every one’s last journey is unique in sense that one has to travel #alone in that journey.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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